All about me

This is my story


Born in the small town of Ashland, Massachusetts to Alan and Jean Schneider.



Breaks nose from a baseball to the face while batting - team loses, but face loses worse.


Matriculates to Harvard and studies Applied Math, which turns out to be not very applicable.



Moves to DC with his girlfriend Vicky, and enters the corporate 9-5 world as a business analyst at CapitalOne.


Quits job to travel the world for two years with longtime girlfriend Vicky and becomes a digital nomad.



Partners with Mark Samms to start software business NinjaOutreach, despite knowing nothing about software or coding.


Visits his 50th country, Boliva, where he gets “Bolivia Belly” and bikes down “World’s Most Dangerous Road” - thankfully not on the same day.

March 2018

Successfully exits NinjaOutreach after growing it to a 20 person company and doing over 1 million in sales.

April 2018

Starts several new businesses including,, and

September 2018

Marries high school sweetheart and hopes they’ll live happily ever after.

You did SO good at making people feel like the part of the team it is just unreal, we were like small family, and you did that remotely! I still cannot believe that you managed to create such a good environment.

Filip Pavlic

Developer @ NinjaOutreach

You treat us like peers in a way where you listen to and actually consider what we have to say.

Hazel Mae Pan

Content Strategist @ NinjaOutreach

Looking back, I can say that you probably were one of the best individuals I've ever worked with, maybe you even at the top of that list.

Aris Santos

Marketer @ NinjaOutreach

The time I spent working with you on NinjaOutreach has been one of the better jobs I ever had, if not the best.

Monika Rastovac

Designer @ NinjaOutreach

I really liked your "deductive reasoning", all the points that came from it were 100% spot on

Aleksandar Stanisic


Thanks so much for the great meeting and input you gave today! You are a great mentor.



This is brilliant! You have no idea how much it helps us. I truly appreciate all the advice, leads, and info.

Lauren Horton


Big shout-out to Dave Schneider. He reviewed our Taskdrive onboarding funnel and worked his magic. In case you want to increase the conversion rate of your SaaS funnel -> he is the man!

David Henzel

Task Drive