From bootstrapped startup to successful exit

After exiting my last company - it's time for a new challenge. Learn how I'm marketing a brand new churn reduction SaaS, LessChurn, from scratch



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Products I Own

LessChurn offers your app users detours to prevent them from cancelling, while collecting feedback from those who do.

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The All-In-One Influencer Marketing Tool. Get instant access to over 25 million bloggers & social media influencers without the hassle!

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Services I Offer

ShortList is a white hat link building service. We essentially write guest posts and link to you, removing the onerous tasks of doing prospecting, outreach, writing, etc. Our goal is for you to sit back and get quality, DoFollow links. We only work with trusted websites that have high Domain Authority scores to build powerful backlinks with trust. No black hat — only genuine outreach and relevant high-quality content.

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Developers you can trust at rates you can afford. Work with the same devs I use to build my own products.

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Companies I Advise

The world’s premier free B2B lead generation app. Find out who’s visiting your website and turn them into leads.

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Create beautiful forms, quizzes, and surveys to conduct customer research for free!

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What they say about me


I really liked your "deductive reasoning", all the points that came from it were 100% spot on

Aleksandar Stanisic


Thanks so much for the great meeting and input you gave today! You are a great mentor.



This is brilliant! You have no idea how much it helps us. I truly appreciate all the advice, leads, and info.

Lauren Horton


Big shout-out to Dave Schneider. He reviewed our Taskdrive onboarding funnel and worked his magic. In case you want to increase the conversion rate of your SaaS funnel -> he is the man!

David Henzel

Task Drive

Former Employees

You did SO good at making people feel like the part of the team it is just unreal, we were like small family, and you did that remotely! I still cannot believe that you managed to create such a good environment.

Filip Pavlic

Developer @ NinjaOutreach

You treat us like peers in a way where you listen to and actually consider what we have to say.

Hazel Mae Pan

Content Strategist @ NinjaOutreach

Looking back, I can say that you probably were one of the best individuals I've ever worked with, maybe you even at the top of that list.

Aris Santos

Marketer @ NinjaOutreach

The time I spent working with you on NinjaOutreach has been one of the better jobs I ever had, if not the best.

Monika Rastovac

Designer @ NinjaOutreach

I know you!
You’re a hustler. You don’t mind burning the candle at both ends. You want to see your business grow. You’re passionate. You’re creative. You’re hungry.
Am I close?

I’m Dave, and the reason I know you so well is because I’m just like you. I launched my first startup when I was 26 and sold it when I was 30. Now I’m on a mission to help others do the same.

Here’s what I believe in.

  • Employees = Family. I’m where I am today because of the dozens of people who have worked with (not for) me. I put employees first, even above customers.
  • Ethics above all. Building a business is great, but are you doing it ethically? Focus on creating an ethical, value adding business and you’ll never regret what you’ve built.
  • Take chances. The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life have been acts of omission. The trip I didn't take. The event I didn’t attend. The email I ignored. Give everyone (including yourself), a chance. It’s about the ride, not the destination.

I'm building a churn reduction SaaS business, LessChurn, from scratch!